Faith Seeking Effectiveness. Missiological Insights from the Hermeneutics of JosMuez Bonino

Paul J Davies, Johannes Reimer


This article examines the theological methodology of JosMuez Bonino, the Argentinean Methodist theologian. It proposes that his theology can be understood as a mission theology summed up in the phrase, Faith Seeking Effectiveness. Muez Boninos methodology begins with missionary praxis and aims at a more effective missionary praxis. Obedient involvement in mission is a prerequisite for knowledge. This leads him to propose the necessity of a sociological analysis of both the context of mission and the place of the church in that context in order to establish the themes which mission theology needs to reflect upon. The issues raised by this analysis are taken up into biblical and theological reflection. This reflection is done in order to reveal Gods present word to the church within the text. This leads to a new and living rereading of the gospel in the light of the new context. Finally, the biblical and theological reflection suggests new and more effective pathways for missionary obedience. In this, the journey from praxis to praxis is complete. The article ends with a reflection upon four insights Muez Bonino gives us for contemporary mission theology: it should be praxis driven, contextually orientated, ecumenically realised and biblically rooted.


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