Towards understanding mission to Muslims in Kenya: A missio-Dei perspective

Rebecca Jepkemei Lagat


A proper understanding of mission as a concept is essential for effective mission to people of other faiths. Theologians refer to this concept as missio Dei which entails God’s purpose in mission from the beginning to the end. Missio Dei is yet to find a universally acceptable definition and practice among Christians. Its nature and content remain problematic to the relevant stakeholders in mission. This article critically examines the missionary engagement to Muslims by five selected Evangelical churches in Eldoret Kenya. It investigates how and to what extent these churches implemented God’s mandate in light of the missio Dei. Using data collected from oral interviews and document analysis (DA), the research shows that the churches face challenges such as a lack of concrete understanding of God’s mandate for mission, internal disputes, financial constraints and the neglect of both the youth and women within the church. The conclusion indicates poor understanding and an ineffective strategy to approach Muslims. The recommendation is a new paradigm shift with a view to engaging Muslims in light of the missio Dei.


Christianity, Evangelical, mission, missio Dei, Muslims, Eldoret, fundamentalists

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