Temple symbolism and mission in the pauline churches

Leendert Brouwer


This study explores the role of temple symbolism in the mission of the Pauline churches. It is theoretically informed by Beale’s (2004) and most recently Wright’s (2013) claim that Genesis 1:28 and 2 should serve as “the controlling paradigm” for mission. Taking the Garden of Eden as an archetypal temple, a ‘cosmic mount’ that provides a microcosmic portrayal of the cosmos, Beale and Wright don’t discuss important concerns about the ‘cosmic mount’ theory. This study addresses these concerns, providing an alternative interpretation that emphasizes the contextual nature of temple symbolism.


temple; symbolism; cosmic mount; church; mission; Paul; Eliade; G.K. Beale; N.T. Wright

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/46-1-212


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