Paternalism, dependency or partnership? A case study from the Reformed Churches in South Africa

Young Moo Kim


In cross-cultural missions, there is always a danger of paternalism. Paternalism produces a culture of dependency in the indigenous church. This study wants to consider whether paternalism and resulting dependency also featured in the mission work of the Reformed churches in Southern Africa (RCSA/GKSA). How were the principle and implementation of mission policy of Synod? And how was the reality of mission work between the white and the black churches in RCSA/GKSA. GKSA’s mission work in KOSH area as a case study will be investigated. As a result, the GKSA remains paternalism and dependency and needs a new strategy for missions to overcome them. Therefore, the relationship of biblical partnerships as new strategy in GKSA to overcome tendencies of paternalism and dependency in the missionary situation may be suggested


biblical partnership, dependency, Gereformeerde Kerke in Suid-Afrika (GKSA), Reformed Churches in Southern Africa (RCSA), mission policy, paternalism, Synod

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