Standing where God stands: JNJ Kritzinger as an encountering missionary and missiologist

Derrick Mashau


This article is written in order to pay tribute to one of the unsung heroes in the field of Mission and Missiology in South Africa, Johannes Nicolaas Jacobus Kritzinger. As a student of David Bosch, Klippies has always lived under his shadow. The same applies to his theology and praxes thereof. This article is aimed at providing an appraisal of Klippies’s theology in the public square as an encountering missionary and missiology whose transforming encounters impacted and changed the lives of many South Africans, Africans, and others in the global community. In the praxes of theology, Klippies chose to stand where God stands by not only fighting against the oppressive system of apartheid but also standing with the poor and marginalised, especially black South Africans.


Standing, JNJ Kritzinger, Encounterology, Mission, Missionary, Missiologist.

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