Christian fathers as role models of the church’s fulfillment of the Missio Dei in a fatherless society

Fazel Ebrihiam Freeks


Families remain the world’s oldest, most basic form of relationship. However, in the 21st century, families are undergoing multiple crises. The fact cannot be ignored that numerous families experience no fatherly presence. Several missiologists emphasise that a church with an understanding and vision of God’s mission (missio Dei) must train parents to take up the task of nurturing children in faith. The term missional has true meaning. It is not merely a Christian buzz word or a catch phrase that families can use as an act. “Missional” should be viewed as an activity of God because it is rooted in Scripture and modelled by Christ. God has not given up on the vital role of the family. Therefore, family life requires the proactive impartation of biblical principles. The role of the family is accentuated within the biblical narrative and its importance is consistently brought to the attention of God’s followers. Christian parenting entails that parents model and educate their children in conduct that embraces God’s compassion for people who do not enjoy a living relationship with him. Christian fatherhood2 can guard against father absenteeism since Christian fathers lead sacrificial lives for the sake of their families. The hearts of Christian fathers are filled with a God-given mission aiming to instil a love for Christ in the hearts of their children. 



missional parenting, missional fatherhood, father, buffer, father absenteeism, missiological perspective

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