The church and poverty alleviation: The challenges of Congo Evangelistic Mission

Frederick Kakwata


This study utilised the qualitative methodology in which individual data were collected through in-depth, semi-structured interviews to investigate the challenges facing the Congo Evangelistic Mission (hereafter referred to as the CEM) in its attempts to alleviate poverty in the city of Lubumbashi. The findings of this study revealed that the CEM is neither practically nor theologically equipped to address the pervasive issue of poverty in the city. As a result, the CEM’s level of engagement with poverty alleviation can be described as rudimentary, merely limited to sporadic occasions of assistance. This holds a clear missional implication. It prevents the CEM from effectively fulfilling its holistic mission and inducing the transformation of lives in the society.


Church, Congo Evangelistic Mission, poverty alleviation, sin, NGOs, holistic transformation.

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