Imagining Enugu as classroom for theological education in SIST: A trans-disciplinary approach.

Jude Chinaka Nnorom


Enugu, the coal city offer hermeneutical and pedagogical resources for re-imagining the theological curriculum of Spiritan International School of Theology (SIST) in Enugu. Enugu is the capital city of Enugu state, Nigeria. With a 2018 estimated population of over 1 million, Enugu is projected to grow to over 2 million by 2050! Like other African cities, the urbanization of Enugu presents complex socio-economic and infrastructural challenges that will exacerbate urban vulnerabilities. Does the theological curriculum of SIST equip her students for Enugu’s exponential growth? Should SIST “urbanize” its theological curriculum? Can SIST articulate a response to the urbanization of Enugu, using a trans-disciplinary curriculum that transcends disciplinary boundaries? In this article I propose Enugu as a classroom for trans-disciplinary theological education and formation in SIST. I applied a qualitative research methodology of interviews, site visits, and documentary analysis, to propose ways of realizing an urbanized theological curriculum at SIST.


Curriculum; Urban theology; SIST; trans-disciplinarity;

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