“Just City-making” in Cape Town: Liberating Theological Education

Selena D. Headley


Aspirational terms such as world-class, resilient, climate-friendly and a just city stand in contrast to adverse terms such unequal, divided, colonial, violent and segregated to describe the present and future state of the City of Cape Town. How do institutions offering tertiary qualifications in theology engage with the competing narratives of the city in the preparation of faith-based practitioners? The aim of this article is to explore the current landscape of theological education, offered in higher education institutions in Cape Town, in terms of an urban focus. The article will reflect how curricula, pedagogies and epistemologies engage the complexities of the urban context. The connection between theological education and ministry formation of faith-based practitioners will be explored in light of Cape Town’s urban futures.


Cape Town, justice, pedagogy, theological education, theological formation, urban futures

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/49-0-358


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