les Eglises à Libreville face aux défis urbains

Calixte Mbakere


This contribution is an interpellation to the churches in the City of Libreville to take concrete action in response to acute present urban problems that face the city. Currently, the Church pays little or no attention to urban issues that affect the City of Libreville. Many evangelicals in Libreville perceive giving attention to these urban challenges such as pollution, absence of waste management, heat waves, etc to be a distraction to the core business of ministry which is the salvation of souls. Against this backfrop, this contribution argue that this attitute amount to neglecting God’s mandate to be stewards of creation. These problems pose serious challenges to the City of Libreville including churches and they therefore deserve theological/missiological attention. The Church should participate towards identification of root-causes for these urban challenges and in the process open the Church to flourish in socio-political, socioeconomic and socio-cultural spaces as she works towards solving these issues.



Urbain, Libreville, Eglise, Environnement, Défis, Déchets.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/50-0-371


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