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The following books are reviewed in this issue:

Adogame A, McLean J, & Jeremiah A (ed.) 2014. Engaging the World: Christian communities in contemporary global societies. vi+235 pages. ISBN 978-1-908355-21-8. No price quoted.

Jesudason P, Rajkumar R, Dayam JP & Asheervadham IP (ed.) 2014. Mission at and from the margins: Patterns, protagonists and perspectives. Oxford: Regnum. xviii+277 pages. ISBN 978-908355-13-3. No price quoted.

Ma W, Kknnen V-M, Asamoah-Gyadu K (eds.) Pentecostal mission and global Christianity. Oxford: Regnum. xi+ 397 pages. ISBN 978-1-908355-43-0. No price quoted.

Ouedraogo P 2014. Female education and mission. Oxford: Regnum. xiv+263. ISBN978-1-908355-11-9. No price quoted.

Yung H 2014. Mangoes or bananas: The quest for an authentic Asian Christian theology. Oxford: Regnum. xv+232. ISBN978-1-908355-47-8. No price Quoted.

Boesak AA 2013. Dare we speak of hope?: Searching for a language of life in faith and politics. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans. xiv +202 pages. ISBN 978-0-8028-7081-0. Price $18.00.

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