African Pentecostal Mission and New Religious Movements: A critical scrutiny of threats and opportunities to evangelization in dialogue with Allan Heaton An

Themba Shingange


Allan Heaton Anderson‘s contribution to the African Pentecostal Mission (APM) is considered in this article. This task is done by engaging Anderson in a dialogue with other scholars who have interest in African Pentecostalism. Anderson’s views promulgate the pneumatocentric nature and primacy of evangelization within the APM which is the focus of this article.. Additionally, his views are also used to argue that the advent of New Religious Movements (NRMs) in Africa posed serious threats to APM and theology. The NRM have tarnished the pneumatocentric image of evangelization and impeded its primacy. However, the article simultaneously identifies opportunities that can be drawn within the same threats to reform the APM and theology


African Pentecostal Mission, Pentecostal theology, Missiology, Evangelization, New religious movements.

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