“Lewe vir die stad” – Life/Live for the city A case study of reimagining congregational culture and its relationship with the city as a first step towards establishing a new social contract

Doret Niemandt


In this paper, the researcher aims to reflect on the role of the church and local congregations in changing the congregational culture to contribute towards a missional ecclesiology focussed on the public space with the aim to establish a social contract between congregation and context (in the City of Tshwane in this case). The paper utilises a case study of the Valleisig congregation in Tshwane to reimagine its relationship with the city as the first step towards establishing a new social contract between the congregation and the city. 

The paper will attend to: 1) the importance of reimagining congregational culture with a focus on being faithfully present in its context and a faithful presence in the commons; 2) a brief overview of the Valleisig congregation and the challenge to change the congregational culture from inward and attractional to outward and missional; and 3) action in hope – the dream of a congregation that contributes towards a new social contract for a new Tshwane. 


Faithful presence; congregational culture; missional church; Tshwane; action in hope.

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/50-1-459


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