Constructing an Urban Theology of Liberation in South Africa Today A Transdisciplinary Praxis-Approach in the Interface between (Urban) Faith, Politics and Planning

Stephan de Beer


Urban theologising in South Africa has to solidify its intentionality, commitment, rigour, and outcomes if it is to contribute in liberating, constructive and transformative ways to the shape and content of current and future South African cities. This particular contribution articulates the importance of constructing urban theologies of liberation, reiterating the ongoing importance of liberationist praxis in considering South African cities, as millions of urban dwellers still experience profound “unfreedom.”
Starting off by charting urban theologies as they evolved over the past 50
years globally, it insists that more needs to be done in the Global South, generally, and in South Africa, to expound our own urban theologies. It then provides the contours of an urban theology of liberation with reference to key elements. It indicates the validity of this approach in the intersections between faith, politics and planning. It suggests that collaborative and synergetic solidarities between different modes of doing urban theology of liberation might hold great promise for breaking cycles of urban misery and exclusion.


Urban; Liberation Theologies; Faith; Politics; Planning; Transdisciplinarity; Praxis-Approach

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