Changing Africa Reflections on family involvement in African Christian marriage

Marilyn Naidoo, Gugulethu Engelbetter Ndlovu


The paper describes the lived experiences of present-day African Christian couples in urban South Africa with the aim of understanding the effect family involvement has on their marriages. This article contributes to understanding the marital experiences of contemporary African Christians to understand their views on the involvement of the extended family, which is part of African culture. Understanding these viewpoints sheds light on cultural dynamics, especially how African culture is valued in a changing society which adds value to understanding the modern African. To nurture meaningful ministry engagement for the African context, research and awareness of African cultural nuances are invaluable. The understanding from this article can contribute to the contextualisation of pastoral care and counselling in Africa. This understanding may also contribute to reframing the colonial discourse through which mission work in Africa has long operated.


African Christian Marriage; Pastoral Care; Mission Work; Colonial Discourse; African Culture; Communalism; Ubuntu; Urbanisation

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