Reimagining mission and missiology amid global ecological crisis: An oikomissiological theoretical and conceptual framework for building a sustainable world.

Lukwikilu Credo Mangayi


The starting point is that mission and missiology must work to sustain the whole web of life on earth emulating the cosmic Christ. I have sufficiently demonstrated and articulated that missio Dei including theological themes enumerated in the foregone could be expanded to include an ecological dimension so that mission and missiology participate towards the realization of a sustainable world.

Oikomissiology, having embraced the triad: Theos – Anthropos – Cosmos as axis for mission and missiology opens mission praxis towards multi and trans disciplinarity in the project of giving and sustaining life to the full for the all the inhabitants of the earth.  This will uphold the moral motif of the Lingala proverb: “mabele ezali lokola ndako ya nzoi, banso tokotaka na nzela moko kasi tovandaka bisika bikeseni”, meaning “The earth is a beehive, we all enter by the same door but live in different cells”.



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