Poverty, marginalisation and the quest for collective wellbeing in the context of homelessness in the City of Tshwane

Credo Mangayi


The aim of this chapter is to contribute towards a solution for addressing poverty and marginalisation associated with homelessness in the City of Tshwane. Twenty-six (i.e. 11 men and 15 women) homeless people were engaged through Contextual Bible Study to gain insights from the margins about appropriate actions to be considered for a transformative missiology in this context. Based on their encounterological reflection of Luke 16: 19 31 and for the vision of total freedom and collective wellbeing still to be realised in this city, this local homeless community suggested three key actions i.e. (1) partnership and collaboration to end poverty and marginalisation, (2) empowerment for social change and justice and (3) fostering mutual respect to be implemented here and now.


poverty; exclusion; marginalisation; homelessness; collective wellbeing; justice and City of Tshwane

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/42-3-65


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