Hope in the midst of Death: Charismatic Spirituality, Healing Evangelists and the Ebola Crises in Sierra Leone

Joseph Bosco Bangura


The Ebola crises that crippled West Africa from December 2013 onwards is a watershed moment in the history of those nations. The crises profoundly impacted the regions inadequate healthcare, obstructed the potential for socioeconomic development, and challenged long held traditional and religious beliefs. As Ebola began to take its toll by depleting human life, the world could not stand idly by and observe as poor post-war nations were overwhelmed by a colossal health catastrophe. By the time Ebola was contained, this obnoxious monster had taken an estimated 11,300 lives in the three worst affected countries in the region. But while medical practitioners were at the forefront of the battle, healing evangelists drawing inspiration from their understanding of Scripture, African culture and Charismatic spirituality, also provided responses that proved essential in the fight against Ebola. This article reviews the responses proffered by healing evangelists and discuss how the overall Charismatic spirituality inspired hope in the midst of the Ebola crises in Sierra Leone.


Ebola; Sierra Leone; healing evangelists; faith leaders; disease; pestilence; healing; African Pentecostalism; Charismatic spirituality

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/44-1-113


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