Justin Ukpongs Jesus. Emmanuel for our times

Maarman S Tshehla


Africa has a long association with the BibleAt the time of Jesus, the Bible was being read in AfricaSince then, the Bible has continued to be read in Africa (Mbiti 1994:27). Jesus Christ is the key character with which many who come to the Bible are concerned, academics as well as countless ordinary readers. Beyond the methodological considerations wherein this leading African chronicler of African Biblical Hermeneutics has made an immense contribution, what specific insights might we glean from Justin Ukpongs work about the Jesus of the canonical evangelists vis-vis our work as organic intellectuals? What does Ukpongs Jesus offer present-day South Africa, if one with a missiological interest may extrapolate?


Justin Ukpong; Gospel; African Biblical Hermeneutics; Jesus of Nazareth.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/43-3-119


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