Cobus Van Wyngaard, Reggie Nel


This is a special bumper edition of Missionalia! We are excited to close this year on such a high note and also opening up possibilities for the future. It is indeed the season of Advent, a season of pregnant waiting for the celebration of the nativity of Jesus of Nazareth. Advent is a reminder of events that happened at a key juncture in history and focus our attention on analogies with our own time.

Today, the world is also changing at a rapid pace. One key feature of this transformation is what Gerrie Snyman calls, the decolonial turn. The question is howwe are to respond to, or better read the signs of our times. This is not only relevant for the Southern African context, but for scholarship from the Global South at large. Hence, we are excited to be able to partner with and learn from colleagues in Brazil as we reflect on this response. But more about that later.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/43-3-135


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