Reading the Parable of the Rich Barn-Builder (Luke 12:13-21) in theContext of the Problem of Materialism in Contemporary Nigerian Christianity

Omaka Kalu Ngele, Kingsley Ikechukwu Uwaegbute, Damian Onyemaechi Odo


The quest for material possessions has become a dilemma in contemporary Nigerian Christianity. This research therefore focuses on interpreting the parable of the Rich Barn-Builder in Luke 12:13-21 in the context of materialistic view of Christianity in Nigeria since available scholarly works on the subject are not contextualized within biblical pericope that deal with issues of Christians and materialism. Elements  of diachronic method of exegesis was applied to this effect and it was found out that the parable of the Rich Barn-Builder in Luke condemns, in the most strongest terms, covetousness which manifests in quest for earthly/material possessions which, in turn,  runs contrary to interest in God. In this regard, the research showed that the teachings of this parable warn Nigerian Christians about the danger in seeking material possessions as an end in itself or, for selfish purposes at the expense of interest in God and use of wealth in the service of humanity. The research therefore recommends for strong de-emphasis on the view that material possessions are a manifestation God’s salvation which has become a dominant ground on which contemporary Nigerian Christianity grows.


Covetousness, Luke 12:13-21, Nigerian Christianity, Materialism, Rich Barn-Builder

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