Missio-pastoral and theological implications for migration and increased demagoguing in South Africa

Buhle Southern Mpofu


This article highlights mission challenges presented by the intensified movement of people in South Africa with a view to identify opportunities for Christian mission and challenge demagoguing in the context of growing intolerance. Migration is identified as an opportunity for mission and discussed as one of the untapped resources not just for mission, but also for economic development and social transformation. Compassion fatigue and complex challenges presented by COVID-19 have eroded traditional roles that ensured hospitality to strangers and despite an increase in scholarly interest in human mobility, policy makers, politicians and economists have not taken migration flows within the South African context seriously. This has serious missional implications and requires restoration of ubuntu as a biblical imperative.






migration, Christian mission, hospitality, transformation, ubuntu, South Africa

Full Text:


DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/50-0-234


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