Overcoming theological voicelessness in the new millennium

J.N.J. (Klippies) Kritzinger


This opening paper of the Voicelessness conference in October 2011 gives an introduction to the theme. After tracing the semantic fields in which voicelessness is used, the paper develops a phenomenology of the concept. Seven types of voicelessness are identified and applied to theological voicelessness. The periodisation implied in the new millennium is also explored, before reflecting on the theological method needed to face these challenges. The paper concludes by proposing five ways of overcoming theological voicelessness. These involve developing new strategies in relation to identity, research, politics, the academy, and worship.


Voicelessness; new millennium; theological method; praxis; nepotism; apathy; inferiority; identity strategies;

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.7832/40-3-31


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