Reimagining a new social contract in the public space Evangelical Church and Society

Donald Ross Anderson


In this essay, I argue that the white Evangelical Church in South Africa has failed in its witness. I suggest that the white Evangelical Church in South Africa needs to repent (μετανοέω) of theological error (“an emaciated gospel”) and the consequent sinful withdrawal from socio-political issues. We need to repent of our naïve hermeneutics, under realised eschatology, unbiblical view of the missio Dei, and our laager mentality. Without this repentance, I argue, the Evangelical Church in South Africa will forfeit its role in reimagining a new social contract in the public space. Repentance, especially regarding the evangelical ‘apolitical’2 stance in South Africa, is a prerequisite if we wish for our voice to be heard at the South African Christian table and if we hope to contribute to a new South African society that is in line with God’s inaugurated kingdom and thus characterised by love and justice. Furthermore, my conviction is that without such repentance, we shall continue to promote and practice an “emaciated gospel”. In the words of Dietrich Bonhoeffer,3 “Cheap Grace is the deadly enemy of our Church. We are fighting today for costly grace.” 


grace, cheap grace, evangelical, repentance, μετανοέω, confession, forgiveness, reimagining, gospel, CESA, REACH-SA, St James, ascension of Christ, Lordship of Christ, kingdom, mission, church and society, evangelism, socio-political involvement

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