Social Struggle and Faith-Based Activism in Black Empowerment times: An agenda for postcolonial mission - sounding the horn on some African perspectives

Desmond van der Water


This paper identifies and outlines certain key issues in the discourse on postcolonial mission, recognizing that half-a-century after decolonization and independence, and after the shift in World Christianitys centre of gravity from Western Europe to the Global South, the legacies of colonialism are still very much with us. From a Two-Thirds World perspective therefore, colonialism in its multi-faceted manifestations is still very much alive. Notwithstanding significant gains within the era of Black Empowerment, the struggle against racism, oppression, and exclusion, amongst others things, continues. The Christian faith has supplied its fair share of inspiration for social activism, with particular reference to the particular five marks/five faces of mission theology and praxis, namely proclamation; nurture; loving service; social transformation; and care for creation.


postcolonial; mission; holistic; voicelessness; contextualization; diaspora;

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