Neglecting Religious Health Assets in Responding to HIV and AIDS: An Assessment of the Response of the Free Methodist Church in Southern Africa to HIV and AIDS

Innocent Iyakaremye


This paper is an assessment of the response of the FreeMethodistChurchof Southern Africa (FMCSA) to HIV and AIDS. It shows that this church is neglecting a crucial religious health asset the Wesleyan Health Care Ministry in responding to HIV and AIDS. While this church is rooted in JohnWesleys theology and practice, the findings show that it is not using appropriately the insights that his ministry offers for addressing the pandemic. The content of the article was obtained through interviewing church leaders and caregivers, and conducting focus group discussions with ordinary church members in the FMCSA,Southern KwaZulu-Natal.


Religious Health Assets; Wesleyan Health Care Ministry; Wesley; Free Methodist;

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